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Wellhead Sumps 

Are you tired of costly clean ups at the well bore due to leaky stuffing boxes, rotary hydraulics or the mess when stripping tubing? Our solution to this problem is the Dual containment Wellhead Sump. This dual-walled sump bolts around the wellhead either above or below the ground to contain leaks and save exorbitant clean-up costs. As with all products manufactured by D & G, only high quality virgin polyethylene is used.  The main features of the sump include:

  • Easy to install design Wellhead Sump
  • Heavy-duty, Chemical resistant polyethylene
  • Removable top grate 
  • Split taper seals ensuring a proper container/casing seal
  • Low-profile, minimizing problems on rig up 
  • 400 litre capacity to handle annual rainfall
  • It meets G55 and ERCB requirements



Dual containment sump in useDual Containment sump