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Valve Shelter

Our updated modular shelters, originally ranged from 8' - 8.5' high and 40' or more in length, and now includes heights up to 15'. This modified design allows us to offer shelters measuring 8' x 10' x 8' high all the way up to 16' x 40' x 15' high. Each shelter comes equiped with 2"x2"x1/4" painted steel permiter base for added stability.  We can provide a large number of options such as barn-style doors, overhead doors, plexi glass windows, panic hardware, pre-access safety doors, vents, anchor winches and pre-cut pipe entry/exit ports with seals allowing for quick installation and removal for existing pipe configurations. We can accommodate True “Y” and lateral valve configuration pipe tarp enclosures, with interchangeable panels for left or right hand valves or customized to fit any configuration. Our Pod Style shelters require less lifting height for installation. Explosion proof CATA-Dyne heaters may also be included with your purchase.  With all our shelters shipped preassembled and complete with lifting lugs, there is essentially no on-site construction. Prior to the shelter arriving, the client just prepares a level pad, then "set it and forget it".

 Valve Shelter single pod styleValve Shelter 16x16x15

Valve Shelter 16x16x12

Switch Valve Shelter with covered pipe tarp