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Since 1990 D & G Shelters have earned a reputation of being virtually indestructible.

As with all products manufactured by D & G, only high quality virgin polyethylene is used.

Our lightweight, durable polyethylene shelters are maintenance free and will provide years of service with no rotting, rusting, painting or shingling which is ideal for our harsh Canadian weather conditions. Critical reinforcements such as trusses and hinges are molded directly into our shelters. D & G Shelters are perfect for many applications such as water injection shelters, header buildings, gas well shelters, skid units, and storage sheds. These shelters can be ordered in a variety of sizes ranging from a 7’3” conical style to a spacious 16’ x 48’ modular building. They have an excellent longevity, are lightweight and totally portable. The standard features include; polyurethane foam insulation, lift lugs, and a walk-in door. A wide variety of optional features include catalytic heaters, venting, plexi-glass windows, gas detector inspection doors and hinged roof hatches for wire line servicing.

We also manufacture a variety of secondary containment products with our most noted being a dual containment wellhead sump. This dual-walled sump bolts around the wellhead, containing leaks, saving the producer exorbitant clean-up costs. It is a very environmentally friendly tool which allows land owners to increase their confidence in producers.

Pawn Shelter

The Pawn shelter boasts a “flip-top” lid for ease of access to all your smaller items requiring protection from all the elements. Read More

Rook Shelter

The “Rook” is 7’3” inside diameter at the base and is 7’ high. A 31” x 64” walk-in door, lift lug, inner tie downs, anchor holes in the base flange and R-10 urethane insulation all come as standard features. Read More

Knight Shelter

The “Knight” shelter has an inside base measurement of 7’6” x 7’6” and a roof height of 7’6”. The “Knight” shelter has 56.25 sq. ft. of floor space and has a diagonal measurement of 10’4” corner to corner. Read More

Bishop Shelter

The “Bishop” shelter offers rugged durability, outstanding looks, and 60 sq. ft. of useable floor space. It’s inside dimensions at the base are 6’ x 10’ and the roof is 8’ high. A 30” x 69” walk-in door, lift lugs, inner tie-downs, anchor holes in the base flange and R-10 urethane insulation all come as standard features. Read More

Queen Shelter

The Queen shelter, designed for those limited space areas where protection is a must.  It  has an inside dimension of  4’ x 10’ x 9’high.  The “Queen” shelter offers rugged durability, outstanding looks, and 36 sq. ft. of useable floor space for those hard to cover spaces. Read More

King Shelter
durability & outstanding looks

The “King” shelter was introduced in the spring of 2005 and offers rugged durability, outstanding looks, and 81 sq. ft. of useable floor space. Read More

Modular Shelter
comes in a wide variety of sizes

The modular shelter is a bolt together building system that allows YOU to size YOUR building to YOUR specific requirements. Read More

Valve Shelter

Our updated modular shelters, originally ranged from 8' - 8.5' high and 40' or more in length, and now includes heights up to 15'. This modified design allows us to offer shelters measuring 8' x 10' x 8' high all the way up to 16' x 40' x 15' high. Read More

Wellhead Sumps
dual containement

This dual-walled sump bolts around the wellhead either above or below the ground to contain leaks and save exorbitant clean-up costs. Read More

Drip Trays
hydraulic skid unit drip trays

Our heavy-duty drip trays are built for either 4’ x 8’ or 5’ x 8’ skids. They are chemical resistant and built tough enough to handle heavy skid units. Read More

Drum Containment
heavy-duty & chemical resistant

Our heavy-duty drum containments are chemical resistant and prevent any chemical spillage when using drums.  The dimensions are: 32” x 41” x 13.5” high. Read More

Custom Design Products

Equipped with the most up-to-date spraying equipment Polyurethane Foam Insulation, Plastic Welding and Custom Design & Molding. We have fully modernized equipment and staff to get the job done right. Read More

Additional services
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